JULY 1 - 26, 2019

Scholarships Available / Apply by February 28, 2019


College/Pro Dance Intensive 2019


  • Applications accepted starting November 1, 2018 and scholarship deadline is February 28, 2019.

  • Gus gave thousands of dancers scholarships & his daughter Amy continues the tradition today in honor of her father.

  • COLLEGE/PRO DANCE INTENSIVE will prepare you for any career in dance.

  • Committed faculty gives individualized attention to each dancer allowing maximum improvement.

  • COLLEGE/PRO DANCE INTENSIVE helps dancers strengthen weaknesses, polish strengths as well as master new skills & concepts.

  • Dancers learn and perform a minimum of 10 pieces.

  • As a professional dancer you need to know how to pick up choreography quickly & process information effectively.
    This skill is extremely beneficial for all auditions and in your professional career.

  • The highlight of the month for every dancer are the two final performances on July 26 as your family & friends are amazed at all you have accomplished in your month at GUS.

  • Alumni trained by Gus Giordano include Lane Alexander, Marcus Alford, Homer Bryant, Tuni Deignan, Ian Eastwood, Elijah Gibson, Rhee Gold, Gregory Hines, Laura Klein, Jon Lehrer, Jimmy Locust, Harrison McEldowney, Abby Lee Miller, Judi Missett, Pattie Obey, Alisan Porter, Nick Pupillo, Susan Quinn, Kirby Reed, Matthew Shaffer, LaVelle Smith, Richard Smith, Patrick Swayze, Joe Tremaine, Denise Wall, Colleen Zenk to name just a few of the thousands he trained!

College/Pro Dance Intensive Complete Information

Classes & rehearsals 30+ hours per week
Housing suggestions & emails of dancers accepted into the program will be emailed late spring
You will be notified by March 29, 2019 if you have been accepted & if you have received scholarship funds
Required attire will be emailed upon acceptance into program

• Marcus Alford
• Tuni Deignan
• Elijah Gibson
• Laura Klein
• Jimmy Locust
• Pattie Obey
• Susan Quinn
• Kirby Reed
• Richard Smith
• And more!

• Ballet Hispanico
• Broadway Shows
• Chicago Human Rhythm Project
• Colleges & Universities
• Culture Shock
• DanceWorks Chicago
• Gus Giordano Jazz Dance Chicago
• Hubbard Street Dance Chicago
• Inaside Chicago Dance
• Joffrey Ballet
• The Kate Jablonski Statement
• The Rockettes
• Visceral Dance Chicago
 and more!

• Giordano Jazz
• Giordano Repertoire
• Jazz Funk
• Ballet
• Hip Hop
• Contemporary
• Modern
• Partnering
• Pilates
• Ballroom
• Choreography
• Tap*
*tap experience not required

Friday July 26
4:00pm & 7:00pm

Testimonials SUMMER 2017 & 2018

“The amount of gratitude I have for this month of dancing at Gus Giordano Dance School is hard to express in words. You all have put together a wonderful program with incredibly talented, challenging teachers, and the extra efforts you made throughout to create a welcoming, caring environment for us was so appreciated. I learned a great deal about myself as a dancer and a person, and I know that this is just one beautiful moment in my long dance journey ahead as I continue to grow and figure out my path. I am proud to be part go the Gus legacy, and I look forward to taking the many lessons I’ve learned with me into my future as a dancer, teacher, and person.”
    - College/Pro Intensive Dancer Age 21, Summer 2018

“Being accepted for the College/Pro Intensive at Gus Giordano Dance School has made me a stronger dancer and person. I have been given the gift to explore my own art form, and figure out what I want to do with dance in the near future. Throughout these four weeks I have learned an abundant amount of information that I will take with me wherever I go. I was allowed to challenge myself, and push myself past my own expectations. I would not have been able to accomplish any of this if it wasn’t for you, so I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am proud to say I am now part of the GUS legacy!”
    - College/Pro Intensive Dancer Age 22, Summer 2018

“I have just viewed the video you sent for my daughter’s performances this summer. Love it! My husband and I appreciate all that everyone at Gus Giordano Dance School did for my daughter. Words cannot express enough gratitude and appreciation for which we have for everyone at your dance school. Your dance school and summer programs are an asset to the community. The opportunities and training that the students from Universities as well as local youth from the community receive is phenomenal. The whole experience, training, and memories are something that Victoria will always remember and hold dearly.”
    - College/Pro Intensive Dancer Age 19, Summer 2018

“The past month at the College/Pro Intensive has been life changing… being surrounded by so many amazing faculty, master teachers, and guest choreographers. Your positive energy made learning and performing 11 numbers in 3 weeks much easier and enjoyable. This program has taught me what it is truly like to be a professional dancer and learn to think quickly and adapt to changes in dance and life. Thank you for creating such a safe space for students to learn and grow and cultivate their careers.”
    - College/Pro Intensive Dancer Age 23, Summer 2018

"I feel so humbled to have been a part of this intensive with some of the most passionate, inspiring, innovative, and knowledgeable teachers. I never thought I would've grown so much in the three weeks as a dancer and as a human being. Without you continuing Gus' Legacy, I wouldn't have been able to have this life-changing experience. (Amy) you are, by far, one of the most incredible woman I have ever met. Thank you (Amy) for showing me love and compassion. You have made an everlasting impact on my life. You have been a mentor, an inspiration, a role model, and I aspire to have a heart like yours. My greatest blessing would be to make my dad even half as proud as I know you have made yours."
    - College/Pro Intensive Dancer Age 20, Summer 2017

"I am so thrilled to have made the decision to come to Gus this summer. Amy's upbeat demeanor, words of encouragement and passion for keeping this magical legacy alive all come to fruition as one of the best programs I've ever attended. I have rediscovered my love for jazz - and dance in general - and look forward to what the future may hold."
    - College/Pro Intensive Dancer Age 23, Summer 2017

"Words don't even come close to how grateful I am to Amy for making my time and Gus Giordano Dance School so filled with love. I learned so much about myself as a dancer and person, and will be forever grateful to have trained with such incredible artists - and none of it would have been possible without her hard work, dedication, passion and kindness. She made me feel individually cared for and supported - certainly accomplishing the goal of making the Gus Giordano Dance School feel like family. I am sure Gus would be proud to see the loving and enlivened way she continues his legacy. I am truly honored to now be a part of that legacy, and I will approach the world with the type of component suitable for being affiliated with Gus' name! A thousand thank you's for the never-ending snacks, your abounding love and wisdom, and an experience of a lifetime."
    - College/Pro Intensive Dancer Age 22, Summer 2017

"This College/Pro Intensive is one of the best experiences I have had not only just in dance, but in life. I met some amazing people and learned so much from the variety of teachers. The quality of instruction was outstanding. The teachers were very encouraging and also pushed us to our limits each day. The positive environment allowed for me to let go and focus on expanding my movement and performance as a dancer. I would highly recommend this Intensive to anyone that is serious about dance as a career!"
    - College/Pro Intensive Dancer Age 24, Summer 2017

"My daughter had some very specific things she needed to work on and she grew tremendously as a dancer as a result from the training and guidance you gave her. The diversity of the training required the dancers to grow and master movement that challenged them. I thank you and your staff for staying so positive and encouraging. My daughter has moved to a whole new level of dancing. Chicago is a wonderful city and the dance schedule allowed my daughter to fully experience the city while accommodating the amazing dance schedule." 
    - Parent of College/Pro Intensive Dancer Age 19, Summer 2017

"This summer was filled with nothing but opportunities to grow in my art, learn new ideas, and connect with familiar and new faces. I am so humbled to have been given three opportunities to perform and represent Gus Giordano Dance School; it was a big responsibility that I valued very much. As for the faculty, I give my upmost respect and gratitude for sharing their knowledge, experiences, and advice."
    - College/Pro Intensive Dancer Age 21, Summer 2016