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  • Are advanced dancers who train in all forms - Giordano Jazz, Ballet, Pointe, Contemporary, Modern, Hip Hop & Tap
  • Perform in over 15 shows each season throughout the Chicagoland area
  • Develop leadership and organizational skills that will benefit them throughout their life
  • Train as teacher assistants all year
  • Continue Gus' legacy by embodying his spirit & energy while training to become a highly skilled dancer in all styles

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2016 - 2017


"While being a GG, I have been able to see who I am as an individual. GG's are given so many opportunities to learn about all aspects of dance through the teachings at GUS, but are still able to express themselves through their own personalities. Each experience as a GG reveals a different characteristic of one's self. As a GG, I have gained dance knowledge beyond my wildest dreams, leadership, dedication, patience and passion."



"To me being a GG means being a role model in dance and in life. When I was younger I always looked up to the older dancers. Now that I have taken on the role, it is my turn to be a role model to the young dancers. I realize that my actions and words are a direct reflection on Gus Giordano and his legacy. I feel honored to guide young dancers to be the best they can be."



"Being a GG means the world to me because it takes immense amounts of hard work and determination. I have found through my many years of dancing that hard work and determination makes me a better dancer and encourages me to strive for more. Becoming a GG is the perfect atmosphere for this to happen because the dancers and faculty push me to be the best I can be."



"To me, being a GG means being a leader. Now that I'm a GG I want to mentor, inspire, and teach younger dancers. GUS has given me the opportunity to be a teacher assistant and I have loved being exposed to learning how to teach and learning how children learn best.  This year I assist the 4 & 5 year old classes and I have been able to see how children at that age understand movement and grow. I love seeing the progression in the children in class. I am excited to continue this teaching process while being a GG!"



"As a GG, you have to work hard in all dance forms and show off that work by being a leader, and making good and healthy choices, and learning how to balance school, dance, friends, and life. Being a GG has taught me how to find this balance. GUS has been a place of sanctuary for me because it is where I can get away from the outside stress. It has become my second home where I always feel safe."



"Being a GG means being challenged in every class and having the opportunity to perform so many dances in multiple venues in Chicago. I have loved learning about all of the history within the School and I am honored to continue Gus' legacy as a GG. I have become such great friends with all of my GG Company Members because we always work and support each other in every aspect of our lives including classes, performances, and academics. I know that I will have these friends for life."



"I have been dancing at GUS since I was 4, and it has become a major aspect of my life. I have always looked up to the older dancers and I always wanted to be a GG. I learned that the best way to improve was to push myself in every class at GUS. I love that the GG’s learn dances in every style and we are able to perform all the dances multiple times all over Chicago & the suburbs! For me, being a GG is truly an honor because I know my actions are inspiring the GG's of tomorrow & I am continuing Gus’ legacy."



"There is a great sense of community within our GG group and at the School. I am so close with the GG's but I also love getting to know all of the other dancers at GUS. I am thrilled with the idea of working harder than ever with this amazing group of dancers. I am so fortunate to receive such amazing training."



"Being a GG means family. You get to grow with a group of people that will always support you. We learn from each other and care for each other through everything life throws at us. It means helping each other become the best version of ourselves as dancers and more importantly as people."


8th Grade

"I am honored to be a GG Apprentice this season. The opportunities that are being given to me as a GG Apprentice to push myself to the next level are amazing. The GG Company Members are all kind and supportive and I love learning from them. My goal is to be a GG next season!"



Sojourner is currently doing her junior year at L'école Américain in Rennes, France with Study Year Abroad. Study Year Abroad is a year long program where high school juniors and seniors live and study in France. Sojourner will return to Chicago her senior year of high school as a GG.

"Being a GG means being a big sister in the Gus family. Gus truly left the legacy of both community and high standards of dance. This year the sense of community has become even clearer too me. Even across an ocean I still feel a part of this family. The friends and dance opportunities that GUS gave me are gifts that I hold dear to my heart even in France. Being a GG means setting the standards and caring for all other GUS Company Members and this year the Company has truly set the standard of cohesion by embracing a member an ocean away."