Article KAPA Dancer Receives Opportunity of a Lifetime

"A young dancer with the Kohl Academy of Performing Arts recently got the opportunity of a lifetime. Lila Jane Bonds is 11 years old and entering Douglas Middle School this fall. She has a passion for dance, and that was recognized at an invitational showcase and class in Marietta, Georgia, called 'Jazz on Tap'..." Click here to continue


The Beat Goes On - Gus Giordano Dance School 5230 N Clark

"Gus Giordano opened his now famous dance studio in Evanston back in 1953. Most known for teaching the jazz technique, Gus always wanted to have a studio in the city of Chicago. Although he was not able to in his lifetime, his teachings live on through his daughter Amy..." Click here to continue


How One Entrepreneur Overcame Adversity - with Some Fancy Footwork

"Amy Paul Giordano might have wavered beneath the weight of her legendary father's jazz dance reputation, running a school that bears his name. But, then again, had she been a different person, she also might have allowed herself to be sidelined by adversity..." Click here to continue


Advanced Level Class with Christopher Perricelli WEB.jpg

The Summer Study Style Challenge - Why a summer program is the perfect place to try out an unfamiliar technique

"There are zillions of things to think about when choosing a summer program, but here's one you might not have considered: using an intensive as an opportunity to focus on a new style. Maybe you're a tap dancer who's ready to see where else your rhythm and quick feet can serve you, or a contemporary dancer curious about the more traditional roots of your genre. A summer program can be the perfect place to broaden your horizons..." Click here to continue


Infinite Possibilites - Gus Giordano's revolutionary jazz dance technique lives on in his 60-year-old school

"In 2011, the dream that eluded dance pioneer Gus Giordano, creator of Gus Giordano Jazz Technique, during his lifetime finally became reality. 'It was my father's dream,' says daughter Amy Giordano, director of Gus Giordano Dance School, 'to have a school in Chicago.' Gus Giordano, who founded his school in Evanston, just north of Chicago, died in 2008..." Click here to continue


Dance Teacher Magazine

Theory & Practice: 4 Ways to Manage Mixed-Level Classes

"Teen jazz class at Chicago's Gus Giordano Dance School, under the direction of Amy Giordano, has a wide range of students, "Some just started dancing a month ago, and others have been dancing for three years,' says Nicole Belanger, dance education director. To maintain a positive environment..." Click here to continue


Theory & Practice: Helping Students Develop Their Creative Voices

"Ask a 5-year old to make up a dance, and she'll probably skip around the room, impulsively moving to the music. But give the same assignment to a teenage dancer, and the student might clam up, unsure what to do. Even mature dancers can feel reluctant to create something new..." Click here to continue


Bravura vs. Basics

"Former American Ballet Theatre soloist Anna Liceica has been judging the Youth America Grand Prix since 2007. 'Once in a while, we see someone who tries to do too many turns without good form or musicality,' she says. 'We don't encourage it, and that dancer does not place high.' Judges (and artistic directors in attendance) might appreciate the spectacle, but they take technique and artistry into account when assessing the overall dancer..." Click here to continue


A Teacher's Warm-Up - The pre-class ritual that could make or break you

"While teaching jazz at Gus Giordano Dance, sometimes Lauren Giordano Curran forgets she's not a student. 'You have to listen your body. I have to know I can't do a full-out battement because I'm going to tear my hamstring,' she says. 'Teachers forget that and go right into in..." Click here to continue


Ladies and Gentleman

"Thirteen-year-old Asher Noel stands at the barre, the only boy in his class at Gus Giordano Dance School in Chicago. Ballet teacher Fury Gold gives the girls an echappe combination and has Noel practice degages instead. 'He sometimes gets the very same time signature but a very different excercise,' says Gold. 'There's a difference between what the two genders need.' Click here to continue


A Joint Decision

"The pain in Amy Giordano's knees had become constant and, almost without even knowing it, she had acclimated herself to the daily pain. 'My body had self-adjusted, so you couldn't tell that I had no knees anymore,' says the director of Gus Giordano Dance School in Chicago. After years of using her arms to pull herself up out of chairs, leaning heavily..." Click here to continue

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